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Lazy Girl Fitness

With the holidays just around the corner it’s easy to brush off working out for any number of reasons.  Trust me, I get it . . . I’m in the same boat! While it would be all to easy to just take a break from sweatin’ it out I’ve got a better – and healthier – alternative.  I have these quick workouts to thank for getting my arms in shape for the wedding so, I promise, they’re effective!

The Pre-Shower Sweat

  • 30 Tricep Dips
  • 30 Pushups
  • 75 Crunches
  • 75 Jumping Jacks

Why not break a little sweat first thing in the morning?  This set is great if your shower’s like mine and takes forever to warm up!  It’s also a good idea to get your blood flowing right off the bat . . . this wakes me up and really makes me feel ready for the day.  You can do the tricep dips on the side of the tub and crunches and push ups on a rug or towel if your floor is too hard.  Break it up into 3 sets of 10-10-25-25 and switch from move to move quickly so you’re getting your heart pumping too.

commercial Break Combo

  • 30 Squats with Bicep Curls
  • 30 Hip Raises

Why just sit there watchings ads with that glazed over look in your eyes when you can get off your tush and shape up?  This combination of moves is what I did to shape up my arms and flatten my stomach to look fabulous in my wedding dress.  Just have a couple of 5-10 pound weights beside the couch and hop up every time there’s a commercial.  You can do one move per break or, when it’s a longer string of ads, fit in both.  This mini-workout can become a habit very quickly if you keep the weights close by and it’s great to make sure you’re moving! Who wants to be a couch potato anyway?

Bookworm Workout

  • 30 Squats with Arm Raises
  • 30 Second Plank

Who says you can’t be nerdy and fit?  The two can go hand in hand if you squeeze this set in between chapters.  Just like during commercial breaks, keep small hand weights by your side while you’re reading so that you can give your eyes a break and pump a little iron while you’re getting your brain buff too.  This workout and the commercial break combo about are really interchangeable so I promise you won’t get bored with either one.

There you have it! With these quick fit tips none of us can use the I-don’t-have-time excuse not to work out this Chirstmas.  It’s important for me, being on the go constantly this time of year, to make sure I’m still taking care of myself.  Getting my blood pumping for a few minutes justa few times a day keeps my energy up and helps motivate me to eat healthy too!

If you’re looking for more simple fitness tips check out Lazy Girl Fitness on the Violet Sage blog. (it’s also the source of the great pic in this post!)  There are a ton of great moves that you can fit in with your normal routine!