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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching…10 days!… we thought we would share some romantic movies that you can cozy up to… either with your gal pals or your significant other.  So check out the top movies for you to watch this Valentine’s Day!

With your man (or woman!)

1. The Notebook

This is the quintessential romance movie. The love between Noah and Allie is one for the ages and one which will not go away. This is the perfect movie for couple, new and old. And maybe you can recreate the famous kiss scene!

2. The Proposal

For those looking for something less serious but still romantic, Andrew and Margaret’s constant battle of wits and eventual love it great. Throw in a nutty grandma and a cute puppy and you’ve got a great romantic comedy for both genders!

3. Love Actually

This movie has a story for everyone. There is the lonely man in love with his best friend’s wife, the love sick middle schoolers, the heartbroken writer and his foreign housekeeper, and many more!

With you gal (or guy) pals!

1. Dirty Dancing

The original chick flick. Johnny. Baby. Dancing. A corner. Enough said.

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

The great thing about this movie is that most women can relate to something the spunky Andie Anderson does in her “fake” romance. This movie is great for a girls night in or for a friend going through a break up or perpetual singledom.

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

The chick flick with a slight twist. All through the movie you want the crazy best friend as well as the annoying but sweet bride to end up with the groom. So when the groom decides at the end and ends the love triangle audiences are completely happy! Not an easy fete for most love triangles.

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