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Wow! It’s 2013 . . . we hope you’re all as ready as we are to just right into the new year.  Now that we’re all rested up from our vacation – as rested as two people can be after a week of skiing – we’re excited to get going on our great blog ideas.  We’ve decided that 2013 is going to be all about inspiration.  From creative decorating tips and fresh fashion advice to fitness motivation and thought-provoking books, we’re inspired to kick 2013 off right and keep it going all year long.  Christine’s got some awesome crafts to share and is on top of all of the upcoming movies! I can’t wait to start some DIY projects around the house, plus I really want to make an effort to workout and get fit.  Here are just a few pieces of inspiration motivating me for the months to come.

Barre3 Workout

Barre3 - The Accomplished Women

Since getting married I’ve been the queen of “lazy girl” workouts.  Were talking calf raises while I’m doing the dishes and stretching my hamstrings while I dry my hair.  I’m ready to get out of the bum rut and really get into a good workout routine.  That’s why I’m so excited to try Barre3!  A good friend of ours turned me on to this blend of yoga, pilates, and ballet a while back and it seems right up my alley.  I’m not a power workout type person.  Christine loves P90X and Insanity but I just can’t get into the dynamic, high-energy routines.  I’m hoping this 28-day challenge will be great for improving my flexibility, muscle tone, and stress control.  Plus, at $28 for access to the online videos it’s not too much of an investment if it’s not for me.

Healthy Cooking, More Often

Healthy Crockpot Recipes - The Accomplished Women

It’s no secret that I love to cook but it’s been very easy to fall into the quick-fix dinnertime routine lately.  This year I’m ready to make more of an effort in the kitchen and I’ve been on the lookout for recipes to inspire a more healthy lifestyle for us.  My big plan right now is to experiment with healthy crockpot recipes.  Clean Eating Machine has some great suggestions for simple, good for you foods to fix and forget.  I’ve also got some ideas of my own like crockpot fajitas. Hope your hungry!

Home Renovations

Bathroom Renovation - The Accomplished Women

I’m also anxious to get started on some major changes to our home, especially in our master bath.  I’ll spare you the before picture for now but just for kicks picture gold fixtures with red and gold wallpaper.  Yeah, it’s slightly dated.  So, I’ve been looking for inspiration for a while and I love this bathroom I found on Pinterest.  Now, ideally I could have everything from the Potterybarn Newport Collection, but as I want to stay on budget we’ll see if I can work some upcycling in there instead.  I’m hoping with a little hard work my husband and I can conquer that fabulous 90s wallpapaer and make a little sanctuary for ourselves in 2013.

What inspiration have you, our readers, found to make the new year your best yet?