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Even though Christmas is over, I want to share the homemade, handmade gift I made for Lauren. Since she is my co-author I figured it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I posted it before I gave her the present during the ski vacation we took with our group of friends.

While I made this gift for Christmas, it would great for inspiration for a friend’s wedding gift or birthday!

For Lauren’s present I decided to make something to commemorate her new marriage.


My first step was to buy a simple wooden “P” from the local craft store. Since I wanted the “P” to stand up, I also bought a simple wooden stand. I then had to make the “P” look nice!

1. I bought a couple pieces of scrapbook paper. Lauren has a pretty classic taste, so I went with paper which was an off-white with pretty calligraphy on it. I then had to apply the paper to the “P”

2. Using a can of Mod Podge paste, I applied cut pieces of scrapbook paper to the “P”. Since I am no where near an expert, the cutting of pieces to fit around the letter took awhile (P really isn’t the easiest letter!) However, after the paper was cut, I applied the Mod Podge to the back of the paper, then attached the paper to the “P”.









3. After I had to paper attached the the “P” I waited 10-15 minutes while the “P” dried. The curves of letters may require you to use pressure to hold down the paper for a couple of seconds.

P.S. Don’t forget the back of the letter!

4. While the “P” dried, I cover the wooden block with the scrapbook paper as well. P1010264

5. Once both pieces were dry, I used my handy dandy (green) hot glue gun and attached the “P” to the wooden block.

6. I then needed to dress up the “P”. I decided to add purple fabric flowers to the base of the “P” since Lauren’s wedding color was purple. I again, used my handy dandy hot glue gun.


To make it a bit more “artsy” I put the purple flowers a little off center and on the left side of the “P”

7. To dress the “P” up a little more I added cute, wedding scrapbook stickers. On top of the “P” I applied “Mr & Mrs” and next to the flowers, one which said “My Life Is Better With You In It”


And ta-da! There is my fun, handmade, homemade Christmas gift. Hopefully it will inspire you to create your own fun, unique gifts!

Question of the Day

Do you make homemade gift for Christmas or birthdays?