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This weekend I decided to take a break from my usual weekend reading and instead have a movie marathon. All the movies I watched this weekend were good (some were Hallmark/Lifetime cheesy) but one was my absolute favorite. Men in Black 3.

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I watched the original Men in Black and thought it was great, I watched the sequel and thought it was just okay. So, when the third one came out I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised!

Men in Black 3


The movie once again tells the story of alien fighting partners Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). This time, however, Agent K’s existence is in danger due to the escape of Boris the Animal, the last surviving member of the predatory Boglodite race, from the Lunar Prison (yes, it is on the moon) where he has been imprisoned since 1969. Since it was a young Agent K who captured and locked him up, Boris the Animal decides his best revenge is to travel back in time to 1969 when Agent K first captured him, and instead kill Agent K before he has the chance to capture Boris.

It is up to Agent J to travel back in time too and, along with young Agent K (Josh Brolin), stop Boris the Animal for a second time.

My opinion? The movie was great. I loved the relationship between the young Agent K, who is more open and carefree, and the future Agent J. It gave insight into who Agent K was and what caused him to become the standoff partner from the past two movies. Warning, that part of the movie is a tearjerker.

The relationship, as well as the interesting 1960s experiences, allows for fun, witty banter more reminiscent of the first movie. In my opinion, their banter is hilarious and one of the best parts of the movie.

And the 1960s time frame? Pretty awesome for this history girl. While some things in the movie maybe untrue (like an undercover Andy Warhol), the fact that real people and events of 1969 are portrayed in the movie gives it a sense of realism and is, in my opinion, pretty neat.

Although, the action packed alien fighting is still pretty awesome too. I do love sci-fi! And, as this is a Men in Black movie which focuses on aliens (and in this case time travel) the supply of sci-fi in this movie is in no short supply.

So, if you loved the original Men in Black, give this movie a try!

Question of the Day

Have you seen Men in Black 3? If so, did you like it? If not, does it sound like a movie you will want to watch?