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When I saw the trailer for the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter I was admittedly wary of the movie.

I am a big history nerd. The idea of throwing Vampires into the era of the Civil War was a bit off putting. Adding one of the most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln, into the mix made me even more nervous. However, my love for history (and vampires) finally convinced me to give the movie a shot. So I did.

My first worry about the movie was the vampires. I love vampires however I am a creepy, blood-thirsty, “I want to kill you” vampires. Not the sparkling, friendly Twilight type vampires. 

See the difference? I’m definitely up for the Abe Lincoln vampire. The below is a real vampire, like one from the old days of Dracula.


The movie begins with a young Abe Lincoln witnessing his mother being “poisoned” by plantation owner Jack Barts, who had recently fired Abe’s father. The next morning, Abe watches his mother die, fully believing the Mr. Barts is fully responsible for the death of his mother, although he is unaware of how Mr. Barts actually killed her.

The movie then fast forwards to when Abe is a young man, seeking vengeance for his mother by killing Mr. Barts. During the nighttime battle, Abe seemingly kills Mr. Barts by shooting him through his eye. However, this does not kill Mr. Barts and soon Abe is in danger of being killed himself. Enter the mysterious Henry Sturges who saves Abe while allowing Mr. Barts to escape to fight another day.

Henry then informs Abe about the secret world of the Vampires, who mainly live in the South and feed on slaves as their main source of food. Upon learning the Mr. Barts is actually a Vampire and used this mutation to kill his mother, Abe vows to learn how to kill Vampires from Henry and kills those he is sent after.

After his training, Abe’s first assignment is in Springfield, Illinoi, where he meets a Miss Mary Todd. While going after and killing those he is after, Abe also begins a friendship with shopkeeper Joshua and a relationship with Mary Todd.

The Vampire hunting however comes to dramatic end when Abe finally kills Mr. Barts and exacts his revenge. However, upon his death, Mr. Barts lets out a little secret, Henry himself is a Vampire. Upon confirmation, feeling betrayed, Abe leaves his Vampire hunting days behind him and begins his political career.

The climax of the movie comes at the infamous battle of Gettysburg. Due to Abe’s conviction to end slavery, the Vampires, who use the slaves for food, have sided with the Confederate Army, devastating the Union. So, to end the war with the Vampires and bring the Civil War to a close, Abe orders all silverware to be melted (silver kills Vampires) and sent to the front line.

During the transportation of the silver, Abe encounters the leader of the Vampires Adam and a whole horde of the evil, undead. And upon the train the epic final battle between Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (and some of his companions) and the Vampires who control the South.

The Conclusion? Well as we all know from history class, the tides of the battle turned and the Union won the Battle of Gettysburg. And the unknown from history class? The Vampires are also defeated and driven out of America.


My Opinion? The movie was great. I absolutely loved it and would watch it again. The storyline was really quite compelling, the way that Vampires were intertwined into the story of Abe Lincoln and the Civil War fit really well. As I watched the movie, I was kept on the edge of my seat wondering how Honest Abe was going to use an axe and defeat a horde of the undead blood suckers.

And the epic battle scene on the train? Very good, full of explosives, fights, and impossible escapes.

My only complaint was the few historical inaccuracies, beside the obvious of Vampires. Most of the characters portrayed were real people, however some were killed in the movie before the actually died in history.

So check it out!

Question of the Day

Have you seen Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? If so, what did you think of it? If not, does it sound like something you would watch?