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This Thanksgiving it is as easy as cut, paste, glue to create your own personalized décor. With so many DIY projects out there from the minds of creative people there is an abundance of fun, creative ideas to choose from. To make your search for some cute ideas easier we’ve complied some of our favorite ideas. All ideas are linked to the easy step-by-step tutorials!

1. Pumpkin Canvas 

I thought this was absolutely adorable. I found it while browsing through blogs and thought it was perfect. My favorite thing about this piece? It gives so many options to change it and make it your own. You can change the design instead of a pumpkin. Like an owl. Or you can wait and make a Christmas tree or snowflake at Christmas time. The scrapbook paper and the word you use can also change!

2. Pumpkin vases… or bowls!

I love this idea. There are so many things you can do with the pumpkins! You can pick whichever size or shape best suits you. They  would also be great for little tea light candles. Another customizing option? You can paint them. That could be really fun for kids (or adults!) and then you can have some personalized pumpkin art in your house.

3. Word Art


So simple yet so elegant. There are many different mays to customize this. You can pick the word you spell out, Fall or Family  would be two great options. What you put in the bottles? That can change too, although I’m a fan of the wheat. Need something to do with some extra wine bottles lying around? This would be a good option too!

4. Spiced Up Candles


These are simple, last minute things to add some Thanksgiving to your décor. The colors of the kernels really pop but you could also use pumpkin seeds or candy corn. And for some more color you can add a leaf or two!

5. Thanksgiving Luminaries

DIY wedding decor

These are so elegant yet simple. They don’t take up too much space but can give a powerful punch to any room. Plus you can mix up the flowers/greenery so that you can make these anytime of year!

Question of the Day

Do you have any creative DIY projects to decorate your house for Thanksgiving?