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Lately on Facebook, I’ve seen many of people participating in the “Things I’m Thankful For” leading up to November. While I didn’t participate on Facebook or any other medium, I thought I would share with you all the top things I am extremely thankful for in my life.

1. Sleep – It may sound cheesy but I am incredibly thankful for sleep. My week days are crazy and can result in long work days and some sleepless (or close to sleepless) nights, which makes the sleep I do get that much more important. And being able to sleep for as long as I wish on Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) is one treat that I definitely took for granted growing up. But no longer. Now I relish every minute I get!

2. Technology – Weird as it may be I am so thankful for technology and how easy it has made communication. Nowadays I can easily text, call, or email my friends and family and expect a pretty quick response back. Without the crazy advancements in technology, living hours away from all those I love would be much harder. Being able to call my mom and annoy her at work daily (while sometime ranting about my day) is one thing I will constantly be thankful for.

3. My Job- Most days I can hardly handle my job. Ask those who talk to me daily… it drives me crazy and seems to have aged me years in the few months I’ve been working. So while I my job grates on my nerves most days I am still incredibly thankful that I have a well paying job, especially in today’s uncertain economy. So when you see my rants and raves about my job, remember at the same time, underneath all those complaints is a girl thankful to haNOOK Colorve her job!

4. My Nook – Well Books in general. Books are my me time and therefore are one of the few things (swimming is another) which allows me to recoup and re-energize myself. Without the ability to be able to take a few minutes (or hours) to myself and bed down with a good book, I am quite positive I would be a much crabbier, crankier person. DSC02095

5. My Friends – I’m not a big people person. I’m much more comfortable with books sometimes then actual people. However I cannot image life without my amazing friends. While we may be spread across the country, I know that they are still there for me. Even if we do all have our own crazy lives!

PDR_33226. My Family – I love my family. A lot. As an only child my parents are two of my best friends. And since they have to love me they get most of my rants, raves, and complaints from my daily life (although my friends get some of it too). I’m extremely lucky knowing that no matter what I will have them to turn to and they will be there for me.

Question of the Day

What are you thankful for?