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It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away!  Where has the time gone? This time last year I was just married, brand new to Texas, searching for a job and, in general, just trying to adjust to adult life.  As I’m preparing for my first trip home since the big move I’ve been thinking a lot about everything I have in my life and there’s a lot to be thankful for!  So, in the spirit of thanksgiving, I’d like to share a little bit with you, our lovely readers, about the simple blessing I’m so grateful for this season.

  • My Library Card.  I know it’s a silly thing, but I was so excited when I started going to my local library over the summer.  As you know, we at Accomplished Women love to read and if given unlimited resources I would probably have a library similar to the one the Beast gives to Belle.  However, in an effort to be frugal I applied for a library card and it’s been great bringing home stacks of new reads without the guilt of a hefty bookstore bill.  It’s a simple pleasure but being able to curl up with a book and cup of tea is a welcome retreat from the everyday.
  • Cuddle Buddies.  Our dogs are the best for keeping your toes warm.  They’ll just curl up next to me and are content to snooze away while I read or browse pinterest.  It’s a great stress relief to come home at the end of the day to see their goofy, dog faces so happy to see me.  It’s a funny little family I have here in Texas but it sure is a happy one.
  • DVR Date Nights.  My husband is a sweetheart. He’s not one for big gestures; He prefers to do the little things like pick up ice cream if I sound stressed on my drive home.  A while back we decided to have a kind of picnic dinner one night with wine, cheese, bread, the works and it was a blast.  There’s something to be said for a fun stay at home date, when it would be easy to just go out for a nice dinner all the time.  Since our first elegant little date night was such a hit, everyone in a while my husband will pick up some goodies on his way home to surprise me.  We just camp out in the living room, talk about our week, and catch up on TV shows we missed.  I’ll alway be thankful for his company.
  • The Knot.  This is the name of our Sunday school group at church for nearly and newly wed couples.  We went back and forth for a while but it’s definitely a good fit for us.  It’s nice to be surrounded by other Christian couples going through the same stage in their lives.  It’s been especially helpful for me to see how other young women who’ve been married a little longer than me have handled the same situations.  I’m looking forward to what this connection will bring to our life as we get more involved.
  • Laughter.  At my ridiculous husband who’ll do any silly thing he can think of to make me smile 24/7.  At myself – which, yes, happens a lot – is a fantastic ability to have.  Humor makes life so much more enjoyable and I could probably keep myself happy just giggling about how often I run into things in my own home.  At anything and everything.  I can’t think of anything a little smile or good chuckle can’t cure.
  • Family Dinners.  Sitting down to a big meal was probably one of my favorite things growing up and we did it almost everynight.  This is probably the single biggest thing I’m looking forward to when I go home in a couple weeks.  My mom has a big feast planned for my family and my in-laws.  I’m so excited to gather round the table with my whole family and dig into my mom’s great cooking.  Happy Thanksgiving to me!

From now until November 22nd I hope we can all take time to reflect on what we appreciate about our lives.  Big and small.  Be thankful for family and friends but also finding five bucks in the coat you just pulled out of the closet.  Life’s full of plenty of opportunities to give thanks!  What are you most grateful for this holiday season?