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Lately my motivation to workout has been a bit lackluster. Getting back from vacation did not really help the situation and then the crazy hours I had to work to deal with Hurricane Sandy just combined to make me one lazy, no energy person. So I need motivation. And I’m sure some of you may need some too!

So motivation #1: The Body

I mean really the number one motivation for most of us to have our dream body. Or at least a body we can be proud of. Not everyone person has the same ideal body image in his/her head but we all do have have that ideal image in our head. So when you want to sit on the couch, remember what you want. What is your ideal image?  Once you have and idea, print out a picture (i.e. a magazine cover like Shape) and post it somewhere you will see it everyday!

Motivation #2: Health

Working out does more than give us a great body to show off, it give us great health. If the time comes that I must run for my life, I am confident in the fact that I can run… and for awhile too. I’m also very much want to grow old and see my grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up. So while I hate running, every time I get on the treadmill or hit the track I think about how this run is going to make my heart healthier. How it is improving my cardiovascular health. Don’t believe me? Check out this site on heart health and heart disease.

Motivation #3: Stress

I love to swim. A lot. For me, when I get into a pool and start swimming the world falls away and I can refocus my priorities. I can rehash my problems and rethink solutions. It is my me time and I absolutely love it. And that my friends is what exercise does, it allows us time to re-energize our minds. It allows us to forget our days and worries and reduce our stress and anxiety. I’m not making this up either! Other’s such as naturalnews.com and stress.about.com talk about how exercise can reduce stress. So if you are feeling stressed, anxious, nervous… any negative emotion, I suggest you exercise!

And those are my top three motivations for working out. I’ll admit, some days they don’t work. Some days I want to be lazy. And that is perfectly fine. We all need lazy days! But when those one or two lazy days turn into one or two lazy weeks then that is when we need to increase (and maybe re-evaluate) our workout motivation!

Question of the Day

What’s your main workout motivation? Is it one of the top three  here or does something else motivate you?