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I just can’t believe it’s already November 1st.  Where has this year gone?  . . . and more importantly where have the Octoberfest beers gone?!  I’m dedicating this post to the best batch of beers hands down.  There’s just something about that malty, spicy goodness that pairs perfectly with flanel and football.  Whether you’re adding variety to your tailgates and watch parties or just hanging out at the end of a busy week tis the season for a six-pack!  Just get your tastings in while you can because these great beverages will be gone before you know it . . .

1.  Samuel Adams Octoberfest is probably the easiest to find and it’s just an all-around good brew.  (I’m actually sipping one as I write this!)  Full of flavor without the bitter aftertaste that’s characteristic of a lot of dark beers.  Not too spicy or sweet so it’s good for those that don’t want a “frou-frou” drink.  Just a nice change from light summer ales.

2. Shiner.  One of the perks of moving to Texas for sure!  Shiner Octoberfest tastes like the perfect bonfire beer.  Allow me to explain:  it’s very dry and has an almost toasted  flavor.  It would be great with anything grilled or maybe a cheese tray during the game!

3. A slightly off-the-wall pick, Saint Arnold Octoberfest is distinctive but still not hard to come by.  It’s got more sweetness than the other two and more of the warmth you’d expect for a seasonal beer.  This one’s probably my top pick because it’s a little darker and very rich! This is one to just sip on it’s own and enjoy.

4.  I know this isn’t an Octoberfest beer, but I had to include it.  I just naturally equate spiced cider with autumn so the discovery of Woodchuck Fall Cider made my season!  Hard cider is always a tasty alternative to beer plus it’s Gluten-Free, perfect if you’re allergic like our college roommate Laura.  This one is sweeter than that usual tangy ciders with spices that taste just like a mug of hot cider.

I should specify that we tried these as part of a make-your-own six-pack at our local grocery store.  It’s a great concept because it lets you taste a little bit of everything to find out what you like.  You can also try them at a tap-house but remember, it’s not October anymore so these “-fests” won’t be around much longer!

*Please don’t consume any of these beverages if you’re under 21 and don’t drive if you’ve consumed alcohol.  An Accomplished Woman is a responsible woman!