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Weekends are the hardest when it comes to actually working out for me. Monday through Friday it’s pretty easy because I change clothes at the office then drive to the gym on the way home. So when I’m already home on Saturday and Sunday it isn’t as easy!

So this weekend after a long stressful week of work I needed to get creative to actually get my workout in. Because I do not have the motivation to actually drive anywhere on Saturday. Maybe Sunday before church but definitely not today.

So what did I do? Well of course the easiest thing there really is to do at home. I ran the neighborhood! I’m not a big fan of running through my neighborhood at all. It kind of scares me at night. But it was daylight and I needed to do something so I took the easy way out. Running through your neighborhood or even taking a walk is the easiest way to get a little exercise in. Plus the fresh air does wonders!


Due to an old arm injury I decided to not do too much with my arms. So I did some simple moves on my bands:


See? Simple! But believe me if you put enough tension on those bands you will definitely feel the burn! Lastly, I popped in 10-minute Trainer. These are 10 minute videos created by Tony Horton who later created the wildly successful P90X. So believe me they work. There are five different videos, Cardio, Abs, Lower Body, Total Body, and Yoga. Today I decided to just put in the Abs.

Like I said, I’m lazy on the weekends and only one video seemed like a perfectly fine workout for me. But if you want to really get a workout in combine a couple of the videos into a 30 minute or so workout!

And that my friends was my very simple weekend workout. Hopefully it gave some of you guys a little motivation/inspiration to do some type of workout this weekend. Even if its just a walk around the neighborhood!

Question of the Day

What does you weekend look like? Do you use them as lazy days? What about your weekend workouts?