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Sadly I am back in Delaware from my fun Caribbean cruise. It was really an enjoyable time! Vacations as a whole though are always so much fun, but I suppose the point of vacations are they must end…

Day 4 of my cruise was spent on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. I’ve never been to St. Lucia but had heard many things so I was very excited to see it. My grandparents had been there many times though so we took their advance and decided to rent a taxi for a couple of hours to drive us around the highlights of the island.


The highlights of the island included very pretty landscapes and some location souvenir shops. And a cat!








Day 5 was the pretty island of St. KittsIMG_0535[1]

Our first stop was a beautiful place called Romney Manor. I really didn’t pay much attention to the history (big shock for the history buff, I know!) but it was just so pretty I got distracted!








While there I was discovered the wild life. A friendly kitten that reallyP1010161 wanted to play! She was absolutely adorable and was trying to get everyone to play with her. Lucky for her I am a big cat person so I happily agreed.

They also create their own paintings, jewelry, pillows, placemats… you name it they create it and IMG_0531[1]dye it with their own special secret! I decided to but a pretty little barrette. One of the ones with two holes in it that you put a stick or something through. See? I was super excited!


Our last stop was an historic fort called Brimstone:

P1010172My grandpa was really excited to be there! being an old Navy guy and a huge history reader this was definitely right up his alley!



Again the view was absolutely spectacular. You could see miles to the ocean and the forest.








Day 6 of our cruise was suppose to be spent on the island of St. Maarten but alas it was not. All of us had been to the island before and were very excited to see it again. It really is a pretty island. Unfortunately Tropical Storm Rafael had other plans for us. Due to the storm and the high tides we were not able to pull into port. So instead, we spent another day at sea. It was fun. I spent the whole day reading my books, laying on a beach chair (in the shade) and drinking fun tropical treats.

And so Tropical Storm Rafael did rain on my vacation but we were much much luckier that some people. See that beautiful island up there? A day later St. Kitts was hit by the storm and ended up flooding:







So please keep the people of the Caribbean Islands in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with the aftermath of Rafael. Thankfullly, it stayed a Tropical Storm and not a Hurricane.

Question of the Day

Have you been the the Caribbean? Did you find it as peaceful and enchanting as I did?