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Today I’ve decided to switch things up a bit. Instead of the usual book review I’ve decided to do a movie review. The reasons? Well one, I love both books and movies equally and doing reviews on both fits me just fine! Second, I’m in the middle of a trilogy and I’ve decided to review the whole trilogy once I’m finished with it. So alas my first movie review. The movie of choice? Snow White and the Huntsman.


I was honestly a bit apprehensive to watch the movie. I’m not a big Kristen Stewart fan and all the scandal surrounding the movie hasn’t made that opinion improve any. However, while I was on my flight to Puerto Rico I could watch it for free so I decided why not. I’ll give it a shot!


And the movie was… interesting. I say interesting because it wasn’t a bad movie it was just… different. As a loving fan of the original Snow White, watching a movie which twists some of the plot points was a bit odd.


In this version (as the title says) Snow White falls for the Huntsman instead of the typical Prince Charming. So instead, the Huntsman becomes her Prince Charming and delivers her true love’s kiss. In fact, there really isn’t a Prince Charming. There is a Duke’s son William who the viewers are made to believe is Prince Charming but alas he does not get the girl.







While that twist in the storyline was refreshing and interesting it made me miss the typical Prince and Princess story line. Old fashion, I know.

However… throughout the movie the viewers come to like the Huntsman (plus he is an attractive man) so him being Snow White’s true love isn’t so awful. And since the Huntsman falls in love with Snow White in the original story it definitely makes the Huntsman have a happy ending too.

Another twist? There are 8 dwarfs instead of the typical 7 in the beginning of the movie. Not a major twist just again… different. And also you really can’t tell which character the dwarves are suppose to be. Who was Dopey? Or Grumpy? No idea!

The final twist that makes this movie so different from the original? Snow White takes charge! It is Snow White who leads the army into battle.

Throughout the movie Snow White shows some true girl power and absolutely refuses to give up. And it is Snow White alone who defeats the Evil Queen.


That my friends is the best twist of all. Why? Because the heroine is actually the heroine not a damsel in distress. While she begins as the damsel in distress by the end she is THE heroine.

So while I still do not like Kristen Stewart all that much I am glad I watched the movie. It was good. Different. Interesting. A new twist on an old classic. It isn’t an Oscar contender or something profound but its an enjoyable action movie with an awesome women empowerment message. And the women empowerment message in my opinion is the best part of this movie. So my opinion? Watch the movie!

Question of the Day

Have you seen Snow White and the Huntsman? What about the original Snow White?