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I came across this quotable cards magnet a few years ago browsing in Barnes & Noble and it’s really stuck with me.  No pun intended.  It’s special to me for two reasons.

First, it introduced me to Rainer Maria Rilke.  I had come across a few of his poems before, but in my search for the one this quote comes from I fell in love with all the rest.  If you’re interested in poetry at all you should check Rilke out.  Just beautiful writing.

Second,  it’s a wonderful reminder for me.  I like to look for inspiration in everything I read and when I come across quotes like this I take time to think about how it applies to my life.  In this case, I was really moved by the thought that God is going to be the one to show me the answers.

I have this big picture of how I think my life is supposed to be.  It often leads me to forget about living in each day and trusting His plan for me.  I’m so focused on where I think I should be that I forget He already knows.  Thinking of the questions I have as “books written in a very foreign language” is perfect for me.  I can’t read ahead so I know what’s coming.  I must live and love each day the same way I read the books I love.  I have to trust that the Lord will continue to translate for me as I stay close to Him.  He begs me to have patience and enjoy the journey of discovering His answers.