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This week I’ve been on a week long cruise through the Caribbean with my family. If you’ve never been on a cruise I highly recommend you go! People assume they’re expensive but when you consider that the cost of a cruise includes your cabin, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus visits to many Caribbean islands then the price is well worth it!

For the cruise we picked a cruise that embarked from Puerto Rico at 10:00 pm which allowed us to arrive at the ship early, drop off our bags, and then go out and explore the city.

During our city explorations our main stop was Fort San Cristobal:IMG_0504

It has gorgeous views of the ocean. See it? Also, for a history buff like me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And the cost to see this piece of history? Only $3. A pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself.

And you could see our cruise ship from the top of the fort. We also walked around Old San Juan and saw some old statues:



Our first stop on Day 1 was the island of St. Thomas. This islPA080053and is gorgeous and has an amazing beach. We didn’t spend anytime on the beach this time but on our last cruise we spent the whole day at the beach and it was pretty relaxing. This time my grandparents, parents, and I decided to rent a taxi and explore the downtown area some more. When you go to the Caribbean you find a lot of jewelry stores with great prices. But what did I find? I found a place that is pretty popular in America yet had amazing deals in the Caribbean!


TIFFANY and COMPANY! And yes I did buy myself something so I could get that little blue box. Pretty great deal on the necklace too.

Day 2 was spent at sea. This day involved many alcoholic girly drinks, reading (something which has thoroughly been lacking in my life lately) and watching a drink mixing contest and hairy chest contest. All equally but separately entertaining…

Day 3 was the island of Barbados. All I knew of this island was that it is where Rihanna is from. And really that is all I can continue to tell you about this island unfortunately. Instead I can tell you how much time I spend staring an my  hands or the inside of my eyelids because that’s what I did most of the time. PA100406We decided to go on an underwater adventure in the submarine Atlantis to see the bottom of the ocean, the coral reef and a creepy creepy shipwreck. For anyone who knows me I have a very real fear of the ocean – mainly pictures of underwater in the ocean. I CANNOT watch the beginnings of Titanic. It creeps me out. So on this submarine ride that everyone else really wanted to go on I closed my eyes, a lot. But the worst part was when we came upon a ship wreck. I did kind of scream a little while in the sub…. Oops. PA100277PA100468






We did however get a couple of nice pictures of what looks like a pretty nice beach. So while I cannot give a glowing recommendation of the island I completely recommend that you go and check it out yourself! You many love the submarine adventure… I know everyone else did! And the beach does look pretty relaxing…


We have more stops on the itinerary: St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Maarten. I’ll tell you about those stops next Wednesday. Can’t mess up the book review on Monday!

Question of the Day

Have you been on a cruise before? If so, did you enjoy it?