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Horray for three-day weekends! Thanks to Columbus day we were able to take advantage of the decidedly unTexas-like cool temperatures and knock out some long overdue yard work this weekend.  I have to admit our poor, little lawn needed some lovin’ . . . and apparently we had a few lessons to learn about landscaping.

1.  If the tree in your back yard dies, it might decide to topple over on your house.

. . . which, in our case, is exactly what happened.  I came home to this little surprise a couple of weeks ago.  Of course, this was just days after we had talked about how we were going to remove the tree;  So, on the plus side we don’t have to worry about paying someone to cut it down.  Obviously, I let the guys handle cutting that up (that’s my husband’s best friend on the roof) because I cannot be trusted with landscaping equipment.  I guess now we have plenty of wood for when we get a fire-pit!

2.  (As alluded to in lesson one,) If you ever see me with a chainsaw . . . run.  Seriously, I can’t even be trusted with electric hedge clippers.  Yup, that extension cord didn’t stand a chance.  While I did manage to tame the unruly holly bushes around our house, it was not before I gracefully tangled myself in the cord, cutting it instead of the hedges.  My little mishap aside, the end result looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

3.  If we plant it, the dogs will dig it up.This is the aftermath of our first attempt at landscaping.  It was pretty for about a day . . . then our darling dogs decided the fresh dirt looked fun.  Our mistake.  Needless to say I was hesitant when the man of the house decided he wanted to plant a new tree this weekend . . . but I remembered a little trick my mom used to keep our dogs out of her flower beds.  Mothballs.  Sounds weird, right?

. . . but it worked! The dogs hate it but after a while they’ll learn to stay away from the area.  You have no idea how exciting it was to come home from work and see our beautiful new magnolia intact today!  Okay, it’s probably only exciting to me as a new homeowner, but it feels like quite the accomplishment.

Now, there is one more very important lesson from our adventures in homeownership this weekend.

4.  If there are fire ants in the yard, my husband will find them.  Poor guy.  It never fails that if we’re working outside, I’ll eventually see him go running across the yard because he’s managed to step on an ant hill.

So between toppling trees, digging dogs, biting bugs, and just general clumsiness  my advice is simple: stock up on Band-aids and Neosporin before tackling DIY projects.  You’re going to need them.