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After reading a long list of dystopian, science fiction books I decided to change it up. So I walked to the plain old fiction section and wandered. This is not a section I’m particularly used to so staring at the sea of multicolor books by authors I’ve never heard of was bit of overwhelming. I soon found myself drawn to Marisa de los Santos and her beautiful covers (yes I did judge the books by their covers) and found that the fiction genre has some pretty great stories!

While Marisa de los Santos has multiple books out, I’ve only read Falling Together. The other two books by her which I own are Love Walked In and Belong to Me which I will read someday. As for today I can only review/recommend the book I’ve read and so you’ll have to buy the other two for yourself if you want to know what they’re about!

Falling Together follows two members of a trio of former best friends from college, single mother Pen Calloway and children’s author Will Wadsworth, as their 10 year college reunion is approaching. The book begins with Pen receiving an email from the third member of trio, Cat, asking her to come to the reunion because she needs her and she’s sorry.

From here on the book is a journey through flashbacks to the college days of when they met and other defining moments in their friendship, flashbacks into Will and Pen’s separate lives over the past six years, and the present Will and Pen.

We learn that it was not Cat who sent the email but instead her husband Jason. Jason sent the emails to Pen and Will hoping that they would help him find Cat, who has run away from home. During this time frame we also learn that it was Cat’s relationship and eventual marriage to Jason which destroyed the trio’s friendship.

So, even though Pen and Will really don’t like Jason and think he’s hiding something they decide to help. For Cat’s sake. Because although they haven’t spoken to each other in 6 years their love for one another as friends is greater than that and their friend (Cat) needs their help.

And find Cat they do. Pen, her little girl Augusta, Will, and Jason all travel to the Philippines based on some clues and finally find Cat, spending time with a sister no one knew she had. We learn that after Cat’s father died a couple months ago she found out he had another family before he had Cat and so after realizing that she married the wrong man, she packed up her bags and set out on a search to find her dad’s other family without a word to anyone.

In the end, Will, Pen and Cat make amends and repair their friendship to a certain degree. It will never be what it was in college but they’re friends again and that is what matters. Cat and Jason finally have a heart to heart but the reader’s a left in the dark about what really happened between them and what will happen… the reader is made to believe that they go their separate ways. And Will and Pen finally confess their love for each other. The love that you could see in the flashbacks throughout the book but which neither of them every confessed to the other.

And they all don’t live happily ever after per se but as happily every after as they can be considering they are flawed, crazy, complicated, emotional human beings like in the real world.

And that my friends is why I love this book. Marisa de los Santos does a great job of making the reader understand that these people are flawed. She shows the mistakes which each character made (Pen had an affair with a married man which resulted in her daughter) and how these mistakes made them who they are today and how the people who we love also love us, even with all the crazy flaws and insecurities we have.

So, while the flashbacks might get a bit confusing in the beginning, as whole this book is wonderful. A definite 5/5 stars. The writing is real and the characters’ motivations make sense. As long as you can move past the three different time frames which are shown throughout the  book (without headings, which makes it the most confusing) you’ll love it! So, I highly recommend that you pick up this book! It gives you a good feeling at the end, knowing that flawed people get their happy endings too.

Question of the Day

Have you read Falling Together? Or any other Marisa de los Santos book? What did you think?