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Part of being new to the East Coast means I get to explore new and exciting places. For me, the East Coast is full of culture and excitement that I just didn’t see in my Mid-west life. I’m excited to share with you my fun adventures through the East Coast! And up today is…

Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland

I honestly had never heard of this place before. Baltimore, yes. Inner Harbor, no. So when my friend driving me to the Baltimore-Washington International Airport suggested the little detour I was all for it! Inner Harbor is only about 20 minutes from BWI and literally right next to the Raven’s and Orioles’ Stadiums so it was a small detour that was totally worth it.


This is the gorgeous site of the Baltimore Skyline with the Chesapeake Bay below it. The women you see is my friend, I figured it would add some character to a picture to have a person in one, but then I forgot to take another without her. Oops.

*By the way, I’m still learning how best to use the panoramic picture on my new phone so please bear with me as I test it out! I promise they’ll get better.*

When we first drove up we were a little worried about the parking but alas our worries were in vain. There was a parking garage right across from the Bay which was easily accessible. It was reasonably prices and required very little walking or hassle to and fro. A definite win!

Neither of us had ever been here so today we decided to just wander and see what was there. So we scoped it out and decided that a second trip with more time and more of a plan was definitely in order. P1010034

Our first stop was the Federal Hill Park. We were told by the friendly visitor’s center man that this was the place to go, so we went. The park was gorgeous. There were people everywhere running, walking their dogs, taking pictures, and just enjoying the great weather. It had a great atmosphere and I could honestly spend hours up there people watching. Instead we decided to go by the Bay and wander through the shops and attractions.

First, we walked to the American Visionary Art Museum where we saw a gigantic bird’s nest covering a patio. It was pretty interesting, along with some other cool pieces such as a guitar, some creepy looking wood animals, and a mosaic bus.  P1010045P1010047





Next, we looked at the many stationary, historical ships which are now tourist attractions you can tour. In the picture below you can see the LV116 Chesapeake (the red ship which says Chesapeake) and the USS Torsk (the submarine). We didn’t have the time to tour these two ships or the other two, the USS Constellation and the USCGC Taney, which I was pretty bummed about. I’m a big history buff. For any history lover, young child, or someone who just wants to see a part of American history, these four ships are an awesome experience.


Also in the picture? The National Aquarium. The oddly shaped red building behind the submarine as well as the multicolor building next to it make up parts of the Aquarium. It looked really big! All the families going in and out of the building looked like they were have a great time. Being as it is the National Aquarium I highly suggest you put this on your list!

Along the wandering route we also saw a street performer, a psychic, and some delicious looking/smelling food. But our last sight before heading to the parting garage was a sobering one. One of the building’s of the Inner Harbor is the Baltimore World Trade Center.P1010056 In front of the building rested some beams from the World Trade Center in New York. The beams rested on some white marble which read the names of all the Marylanders who lost there lives on Sept. 11.


The Inner Harbor truly was an awesome place. It had a great atmosphere, clean streets, and friendly people. If you are ever planning a trip to the East Coast I highly recommend that you put the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland on your list. And if you are a football or baseball fan maybe you can even catch a game!

Question of the Day

Have you been to the Inner Harbor before? What about Baltimore in general? Did you like it?