I love Autumn! The colors, the weather, the clothes, and of course the fall decorations! So this weekend was finally time for me to “autumn-ize” my apartment. I’ve never had my very own apartment to decorate and the feeling at first was a bit overwhelming but then once I started the feeling went away and I began to have fun. (Although I don’t think my wallet had as much fun as I did).

I didn’t change a whole lot in my apartment, just some little things that were more summery and easy to replace. I’m not very handy or and big DIY projects intimidate me so I started off small.

1. First step? My couch. That was easy, I just bought some autumn themed pillows to replace my teal and green pillows.







The blanket was just turned inside out. Thankfully Lauren’s family gave me a reversible blanket for Christmas. So versatile!

Also, I’m a BIG fan of owls so I thought this owl pillow was absolutely adorable. You’ll notice throughout this post that owls seem to be a common motif in my house. Owls seem to be the new “it” thing and they seem to be all the rage in the stores such as Pier 1 and Target my go to decorating stores. I was pretty excited when I realized it! So… if you aren’t an owl person please excuse the abundance of them!

2. Next was my fireplace area. Again this didn’t take too  much effort. I bought a new pillow (I like pillows as you can tell) for my armchair and changed out two of the pictures above my fireplace.








Sorry for the bad picture quality. My apartment as no overhead lighting so I have to rely on the lamp you see in the picture and it doesn’t do the greatest for pictures. As you can see I changed the bottom left and upper right pictures. They were teal blue (to match the pillows) but are now…









And then here is a close up of the wall… I wanted to change the middle pendant to the autumn wreath that Lauren posted earlier however I do not have the luxury of having an awesome Hobby Lobby and the local arts and crafts store here did not have great selection. So maybe next year!


3. I spiffied up my console. Not too much here either (kind of seeing the trend?). Since this summer and my first round of decorating I’ve become a candle person so those too are in a bit of an abundance as well. (Sorry but my before pictures did not turn out so awesome so I decided not to put them up!)








4. Last but certainly not least is my dining room table. It’s a small little square thing that sits behind my couch so there isn’t much to be done except change out the placemats and the fun silky napkins.









And that my friends is how I “autumn-ized” my living room/dining room combo with little changes. It was fun! And really it wasn’t very much work for those of you who aren’t into big projects. And for those of you who like big, fun DIY projects hopefully you still got some inspiration!

Question of the Day

Do you “autumn-ize” your house? If so, do you go all out or just change some little things?