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I know what you’re thinking. Burgundy? Pants? You’re kidding, right?!  No, I’m not.  Just trust me on this one.  I’ve always associated the color with fall, of course, but certainly never thought to incorporate it into my autumn wardrobe.  (Honestly, it always makes me think of mom cars and 90s home decor!)  Well, apparently I’ve been missing out because, there it is. Burgundy. All over my fall fashion magazines. Now, I’m generally skeptical about trends so this normally wouldn’t faze me, but each new article featuring this black cherry, bordeaux, dark-red color started to sway my opinion in favor of the shade.  So finally I’d had enough.  I went to my closet to convince myself I had nothing that would possibly go with it . . . and I failed.  Miserably, in fact.  Black, gray, nude, blush, tan, cream . . . all of these colors would look fabulous with burgundy.  Crazy. I know, but here’s the proof . . .  (courtesy of some play-time on Polyvore)

Burgundy Pants

(Note: click the pic for links to each piece.)

As luck would have it, I just happened to have a coupon for a $10 pair of pants from New York and Company so how could I not buy these burgundy pants?  I’ve already come up with at least a dozen outfits!  The plus side is this color goes with black and brown so the possibilities are pretty much endless.  I love mine because it gives me something to wear all of my neutral tops with besides other neutrals.  Much less blah . . . and infinitely more chic!

Now that you’re no longer questioning my sanity for buying something burgundy . . . you should be asking yourself: which wine colored piece will I be adding to my wardrobe this fall?