I’m a big fan of Christian Fiction but I’m also a very picky reader. I’ve picked up my fair share of books that seemed to have a great premise yet when it came to the writing… not so great. Luckily I have found some very awesome Christian authors and so I want to recommend one of my favorites to you.

My first introduction to Cathy Marie Hake was her book Fancy Pants  which to this day is my favorite book of hers and one of my favorite books overall.

While this was my first book of hers it was not her first book. In fact she has written many more before this one but Fancy Pants was the start of her Gooding, Texas “series”. I say “series” because all the books are set in Gooding and contain the same characters however you can read any of the books as stand alones and not be lost. And I definitely recommend you read her books.

For those of you are a bit apprehensive about the “Christian” part let me put aside your fears. These books are Christian, yes, however they are subtle. Hake does a great job of sharing the Christian message without shoving the message down the reader’s throat. The message is intertwined with the drama and romance within the story so the Christian message seems real instead of forced.

And yes, Cathy Marie Hake’s books are Christian Romances. But again, like the Christianity the romance is subtle with no graphic scenes or lewd suggestions. The romance/love story is not thrown at you but seems natural. So no need to worry or be apprehensive!

Another great thing I love about her books? The setting. Not only are the set in Texas, which I love, but they are also set in the 1800s, a time when men where chivalrous, women had class, and the world was full of new and exciting adventures. Reading her books make me want to live back in that time… and that’s saying something because I love the comforts of the modern world.  

Cathy Marie Hake’s novels are a great escape from the issues and worries of the modern world (admit it, we all need an escape every once and awhile!). They are quick, easy, fun, inspirational reads which will leave the reader feeling a bit a little bit lighter after he/she is finished.

So pick one up today at Cathy Marie Hake and enjoy! The link will lead you to Barnes and Noble where you can find all her books. Or all the book covers are links to that specific book on BN.com! For some reason her personal website is no longer available.

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Question of the Day

Have you read any of the Cathy Marie Hake’s books? If so, did you enjoy them? Also, what author would you recommend to others?