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When it comes to makeup I love it all.  So you can bet whatever the newest beauty obsessions are I’ve tried them all.  The only catch is, I’m not a big fan of wearing makeup.  Go figure, right?  I’ll play with all the crazy colors and dramatic looks but for everyday I stick with the basics.  I promise I don’t spend an hour in the bathroom but I do like to take a few minutes to put myself together.  I just feel ready for the day when I’ve made an effort to look my best, don’t you?

My current routine consists of blush, mascara, tinted lip balm and BB cream.  Which brings me to the purpose of this post!  The new “Beauty Balm” craze.  Worth it or not? My answer: sort of.  Allow me to explain.  As a beauty devotee, I just had to see if this little wonder product lived up to all the hype.  Anything that promises to even out my complexion and be kind to my face at the same time is worth a shot in my book.  I’ve tested three so far.  One is perfect for me but, as we’re all such uniquely, beautiful women, I’ll give you the rundown on each of them so you can pick whats best for you!

1. Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (Light/Medium)

Wow.  That name really rolls off the tongue, huh?  Despite the ridiculous name, this cream gets down to business.  My skin felt soft and smooth the first time I applied it and my complexion was noticeably brighter after just a couple of days.  While the light/medium shade is a little on the tan side, I didn’t mind the little extra glow.  The only issue I have is that it’s too moisturizing for my super oily skin. Bummer for me, but if you have normal skin just skip your normal moisturizer and give this a try!

2. Dr. Jart + Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+

If the Garnier BB cream was too much moisture for me, then this one is like Niagara Falls for my face!  I’m serious . . . this is beyond hydrating.  If I had dry skin I’d be obsessed.  I received a sample (and not a dinky one, probably a two week supply) in my September Birchbox and I was a skeptical at first.  Don’t be alarmed by the fact that they don’t offer a variety of shades.  The one-shade-fits-all color is sheer enough that it matched perfectly right out of the bottle but the coverage wasn’t so light that it didn’t do anything.  This one would be ideal for anyone with dry skin,  just take your time as it’s slightly difficult to apply.

3. L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream (Fair)

Now for my Goldilocks moment.  This BB cream is just right . . . for me anyway.  It has a matte finish that actually keeps shine away for hours, a major win in my beauty book.  However, If you’re looking for a beauty balm that’s moisturizing this one is not for you though.  It’s got a primer built in so it doesn’t melt right off my face.  Perfect for the gross Texas heat!  Two things though.  I tried the light shade, and whoa.  Kind of looked like an oompa-loompa!  Okay, it really wasn’t orange but “light” in the product is definitely for someone with a very good tan.  I’m using the fair shade now, and because the color self adjusts it’s a great match.  One more thing about this one, don’t let the texture freak you out.  It has little “beauty beads” in is so it feels like a scrub at first.  Thankfully they melt into your skin easily and, I think, actually exfoliate a tiny bit so I’ve got a fresh glow.  This is the one for me . . . unless I try a few more, which is a distinct possibility.

Good luck testing these products out! Tell us what you think, and if there are any other products you’re wanting to try just let me know.  Chances are it’s already in my makeup bag.