Today… I got lost on my drive to work. Weird I know but it was dark and there was a detour and …. it was dark? Not really a good excuse for not knowing my way to the place I’ve been driving to for the past 7 months. The positive of my lost adventure? I was frustrated/flustered all day which lead me to a really good workout after work. So maybe I should get lost more often…


Today’s workout started out with some with some treadmill time. Like I said early I get really bored on the treadmill so I try to change it up while running… today was similar to last week’s workout.


I also did a little circuit work after the run. Since I’m not a big runner I usually get it out of the way first but you can do the workout in any order. I keep the circuit simple with easy moves that are really common. I would recommend doing the circuit 2-3 times depending on how you feel, I know some days I’m just done after two rounds!


A New Recipe

This weekend I was inspired. Well… sort of. While flipping channel I came across the movie Julie and Julia, the move that chronicles a women (Julie) as she tries to make all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook in 365 days. After watching the movie I was inspired to cook! A disclaimer to this statement however is I do not cook so my attempt to cook may (most likely will) seem very feeble and amateur to most of you but it was a huge accomplishment for me!

I decided to make something simple with ingredients I knew I would like (I’ll eventually branch out later…) so I made a chicken dish.


First, I put the chicken into a bowl. I then poured the marinade over the chicken, making sure I covered the whole chicken. I then covered the bowl and stuck the chicken in the fridge. I let the chicken marinade for about 30 minutes, during this time I cut of the peppers and cooked the rice.

I then used my spiffy new George Foreman Grill to grill the chicken. P1000954

I let the chicken cook for 8-10 minutes before coating the peppers in the marinade and putting them on the grill too. I then let them continue to grill for another 2-4 minutes. And that was it! I then moved the chicken, peppers, and rice onto my plate for a great looking dinnerP1000955P1000956

While it is a really simple dinner I am super proud of my accomplishment! Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to branch out into more adventurous recipes!

Question of the Day

Are you a good cook? Or are you like me and proud to not burn the chicken?