Happy Wednesday!

I don’t know about you all but I am so excited that Wednesday is here and almost gone. For most of us it means that the work week is halfway over and it’s the downward slide towards the weekend. This is also the time when I start daydreaming about my weekend… I’m thinking some quality reading time and wine…

My Workout

But back to the present (or back to the past I suppose) so here is a copy of my workout from yesterday. I’m not a big runner and treadmills are just so boring. Soooo I decided to switch things up a bit. running-form-treadmill-gait

It’s a fun workout that makes you work! Before you realize it you are speeding along! I’m pretty slow so I usually start around 5.3 to 5.5 and before I know it I’m up to the 6.0s and still going. A pretty cool accomplishment for me!

The workout for today was going to go in this post too. That was the plan… however this nasty little thing called the Flu Shot got in the way. I’m usually good with shots but this one was no fun. So there was no workout today but I promise there will be one posted on Friday!

See you then! Stay tune for Lauren tomorrow!

By the Way…

If you think the above image is cool I can take very little credit. I used the site PicMonkey which is a free online photo editing site. All I did was copy, paste, edit and type. The site is awesome and I can thank Peanut Butter Finger for recommending it!

Question of the Day (or I suppose Night)

When do you start daydreaming and planning your weekend? Do you start early (like me) on Wednesday or are you a spontaneous person and wait until the weekend and see were it goes from there?